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LIVE 2023
Feb 23 - Reaktor - Vienna *Quadrofonie Premiere*
more live dates TBA soon!

LIVE 2022
April 08 - Performing Sound - Salzburg
April 08 - Screening - "Immerse" with Marin Alsop at Diagonale - Graz
May 19 - Heart of Noise Warm Up PMK - Innsbruck
May 25 - Alter Bauhof - Ottensheim
June 22 - Venster99 - Vienna
July 14 - Elevate Festival - Graz
July 15 - Klub Mocvara - Zagreb
Sept 02 - Progress Festival - Pürbach
Sept 21 - Punctum - Prague
Sept 22 - TBA Berlin
Sept 23 - Pawilon - Poznan
Sept 24 - OSA Festival - Sopot/Gdansk
Oct 01 - brücken 2022 - Mürzzuschlag - w/Pamelia Stickney
Oct 08 - central garden - Vienna
Nov 19 - New Adits - Klagenfurt



Sequencing Detachments
(Ventil Records)

Release Show:
October 29th 2021 - Wotruba Kirche - Vienna (AT)

On the new album "Sequencing Detachments", the Viennese duo schtum
transforms elements of electronic dance music into detailed, oversized sound close-ups.
Through repetitive structures, layers of sound eventually detach themselves,
thus developing a life of their own,
leaving behind an abstract impression of emotional depth.

schtum continue the minimalist approach of their debut "Feed" on this new release:
All sounds on the album are generated with signals from
guitar, bass and a bass-drum-module fed through effect pedals.
Viennese musician Asfast was once again involved in the post-production.

Several video works will accompany the album, one of which shows a collaboration
with Marin Alsop, chief conductor of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra,
another shows a growing cress seed, and another an improvisation
in the huge metal storage basin of the Vienna water tower.


schtum performed at renowned festivals for
experimental electronic and contemporary music such as
CTM in Berlin's Berghain, Sonic Protest in Paris,
Donaufestival Krems, Novas Frequencias in Rio de Janeiro,
Wien Modern or Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg.